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The selection of our training center locations is strategic and serves the purpose of identifying the most suitable workers and candidates. We have chosen these geographic areas based on the specific category of workers that are prevalent in these locations and their surrounding vicinity.


By establishing our centers in these areas, we aim to be physically present at the grassroots level, providing candidates with a genuine government-regulated platform to secure employment opportunities abroad.

Our comprehensive services extend beyond training and include skilling programs, skill mapping in collaboration with overseas employers, facilitating recruitment processes with various countries, and maintaining regular interactions with our clients to ensure a seamless and holistic approach to international workforce mobility.


Our Centres:

  • Delhi NCR - Construction, MEP, Automobiles and CNC operators

  • Sikar, Rajasthan- Construction, Masonry and Heavy Motor Vehicle Driving

  • Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh- Welding, Pipe Fitter, Fabricators and Civil 

  • Mohali, Punjab- Civil 

  • Dehradun, Uttarakhand- Hospitality

  • Patna, Bihar- Civil and MEP

  • Jamshedpur, Jharkhand- HVAC, RAC, Welder, Automobile Repair, MEP, Heavy Duty Operators and Maintenance Technicians

  • Vadodara, Gujarat- Oil and Gas, MEP, Shipyard

  • Mumbai, Maharashtra- MEP, RAC, Automobile and Shipyard, Hospitality

  •  Kerala- Hospitality, Retail, Civil and Shipyard

  •  Vizag, Andhra Pradesh- Welder, Shipyard, Civil

  •  Jagtial, Hyderabad- Facility Management

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