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The J-1 visa, alternatively referred to as the Exchange Visitor Visa or J student visa, is designed for individuals from outside the United States who intend to participate in exchange programs that involve both study and work opportunities in the United States. 

J-1 students have the opportunity to work while pursuing their studies, provided they obtain the necessary work authorization. However, there are specific regulations in place, including limitations such as being restricted to part-time on-campus employment for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic semester. Students are typically allowed to work full-time during academic breaks and vacations.

To maintain your J-1 student status in the United States, it's crucial to adhere to specific requirements and guidelines:

  • Funding Source: A minimum of 50% of your program funding must come from an accredited sponsor, not a personal friend or family member.

  • English Proficiency: You must meet the English language proficiency requirements established by the university or college where you plan to enroll.

  • Insurance: Both you and any dependents must have medical insurance that meets the minimum standards specified by your host university.

  • Orientation: Your sponsor is responsible for providing you and your dependents with information about the selected program and conducting an orientation that includes details about the region where you will be studying.

  • J-1 Visa Rules: Ensure strict adherence to all J-1 visa requirements, actively maintaining your status as a J-1 student. Your sponsor must also furnish you with emergency 24-hour contact information.

  • Residency Requirements: Upon completing your program, you are obligated to return to your home country and reside there for at least two years.

  • Valid Passport: Verify that you and your dependents have passports valid for US travel for at least six months beyond your program completion date.

  • Full-Time Enrollment: During the academic year, you must be enrolled in full-time study. While you can work full-time during academic breaks, maintain full-time enrollment when classes are in session.

  • Work Restrictions: If you intend to work while studying, remember to adhere to the guidelines. On-campus work is limited to part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during the academic semester, and full-time work is permissible during academic breaks. Off-campus work requires authorization from your sponsor and university.

  • Address Updates: Notify both your sponsor and university within 10 days if you change your residence.

  • Compliance with these requirements is essential to ensure your continued status as a J-1 student in the US.

Eligibility Requirements for work visa:

  1. Valid passport

  2. Education Qualification above class 12th

  3. DS-2019 form Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status

  4. DS-7002 form

  5. Training/Internship Placement Plan (only necessary for exchange visitor trainees or intern visa applicants

  6. DS-160 form

  7. Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application.

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